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  • "It was my 1st experience with Carwiz rent a car and it was great. Rental process was very quick and easy. The staff was very professional and friendly."

    - Patrick Haerle, London
  • "I was very please with the service. The reason I chose Carwiz Romania is because they offered me the possibility to travel outside the borders, to ANY country I needed. In my case to Moldova. The vehicle was in well mantained state. I will come back for sure“

    - Svetlana Popescu, Moldova
  • "My job is to travel around the world, but when I have time off I love to visit my friends in Romania. I still like my independency so I always rent a car. The agent Madalin was very friendly and proffessional and offered a lot of useful information regarding the car as well as the rutes to choose.“

    - Mudasar Hussein, Qatar
  • „Romania was the first country I landed from my 'to visit' list amongst the countries in Europe. I booked a minivan as I was travelling with large group. Alex was helpfull and offered us a bigger car so we could all be confortable during our journey. The price was decent and we loved the car.“

    - Dennis Baltazar, Philippines
  • "We booked a Mercedes as we had several events planned. The car was new and the staff made a good impression.“

    - Varuna Katoch, India

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