Sibiu, in the heart of Romania, is one of the country's most popular tourist destinations.

In the Middle Ages, it was a wealthy city, home to Romania's first museum and hospital and also where the first book in Romanian was printed.

The interesting architecture of the Old town, which was divided into Upper and Lower town, attests to the richness and luxury of this town. Narrow cobblestone streets with colourful houses and interesting roofs run through both sides of the Old town. Sibiu is known for its unique roofs with eye-like slits. As you tour and gaze at the city, it's gazing back at you.  According to residents, these "eyes" were once used to ventilate the attic. Visit the city walls and towers, the Brukenthal Museum, the churches, the old synagogue, and the Bridge of Lies as you walk beneath the watchful eye of the colourful rooftops.

According to legend, the Bridge of Lies got its name due to frequent frauds between traders who worked on the bridge. Legend has it that whoever tells a lie on it will drown in the water. True or false? Check it out for yourself! Head to the beautiful, colourful Sibiu from our Carwiz Romania offices in Cluj - Napoca or Targu Mures! See you there!

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