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Enjoy a vibrant urban experience

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Welcome to Bucharest!

Bucharest, Romania's Capital City, has become a popular tourist location in Eastern Europe thanks to its history, cultural heritage, hospitality, and vibrant nightlife. Although Bucharest did not manage to entirely reconstruct its historical buildings, tourists will discover a mix of architectural styles that makes strolling around the city more than enjoyable. For example, did you know that the House of Parliament, which thrones in the middle of Bucharest, is the heaviest building in the world with an architecture that amazes every tourist? A must-have in your photo gallery.

Bucharest can offer you a complex urban experience: you can wander on the busy streets of the Old Town, admire the chic and stylish houses in Primaverii area, enjoy a bike ride in Herastrau Park and have a pit stop at the National Village Museum. If you are more on the artistic side, then a visit at the National Art Museum will inspire you as well as will the paintings of some old orthodox churches (like Stavropoleus Monastery, Kretulescu Church, Radu Voda Church and Saint Spiridon Church).

When tired, you can hop on a complex foodie experience in some of our finest gourmet points. Traditional Romanian cuisine is comforting food at its best, but we do not offer less when it comes to international cuisine or street food experiences (just check out Obor Market).

Or you can just relax and enjoy a coffee in a stylish specialty coffee shop (Bucharest has many of these) and go for a glass of wine in the evening (Romania has some of the world's best wines that can fairly compete with their French and Italian counterparts). Be sure to leave the car in the parking lot and take a taxi or walk to your hotel.

If you are not that fond of urban experiences or if you are in Romania for more than a couple of days, you can try a seaside or mountain trip. Bucharest has a good geographical position, meaning that it is both close to the Black Sea and the Bucegi Mountains with its welcoming resorts.

By using Carwiz Rental Services you can enjoy the flexibility of following your own time schedule. Just drive on A2 highway for two and a half hours and dip your toes in the sea and enjoy the breeze. Or take DN1 road and in three hours you can breathe fresh air and go on a short mountain hike (look for Heroes' Cross on Caraiman Peak or Peles Castle).

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