The mysterious fortress known as Dracula's castle, is actually Bran Castle in southern Romania, more specifically Transylvania.

Dracula, the world's most famous vampire, was created in 1897, and it is believed that Vlad Tepeš, a very cruel count from the 15th century, served as the inspiration for the character of Count Dracula. According to some sources, Vlad Tepeš stayed in Bran Castle, and because it most closely resembles the description of Dracula's castle in the novel, it is known today as Count Dracula's Castle.

Due to its link with Dracula and the mystery of this location, it is the most visited Romanian destination, with half a million tourists visiting each year. You, too, can experience this spooky place!

As you approach the castle, you will feel the legend that has been told countless times. This incredible experience at Bran Castle includes breathtaking scenes with mystery, dark corridors, and countless myths and legends. Head there from Bucharest, it's a 180 km ride with your favourite Carwiz vehicle. Dare to enter this mysterious world and create unforgettable experiences! 

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